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  1. Go over to the Discord location

    Just a heads up, the developers are currently using the Discord channel setup for the game and any/all discussions; not the forums here. Here's a link over to the Discord site. Easy to set up and get started. https://discordapp.com/channels/117048258773254151/345758375390216202
  2. Settings Causing Issues

    So I just downloaded the game. Went into Options and turned the Music, SFX and Ambiance down to minimum (I do this for recording purposes for my YT channel). When I hit Apply, the game does (correctly) revert back to the main screen. However a couple of issues: 1. The sound/music/etc is not affected at all. 2. More importantly, the game screen no longer allows the mouse to move all the way to the edges (on the right and bottom edges). See the attached picture for locations that mouse will travel too. Well, I tried to attach a photo but got a -200 error for the upload.
  3. Saw this trailer on The Universim live stream - game availability

    No answer in over two months...and it's the only post here. Not a good indicator of where the game is. I saw this on Steam too and I've got it on my wishlist. I have the same question. Last FB post was Aug 31. Nothing here. Just wondering if the game is still in process or should I quit hoping..lol.