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  2. For all of the new adult goblins, and the goblins took out of the workshop building, I can no longer assign tasks, The three basic tasks (gathering food, wood, and stone) no longer have a check-mark or X in the box, the boxes are just blank and cannot be changed.
  3. Woodcutters

    I know the new patch was supposed to have fixed the woodcutter problem, but I'm still having issues with either them not harvesting at all, or only harvesting for a year or two before stopping.
  4. Mod Support

    Hi, have you thought about mod support, or steam workshop? And if so, what coding language would you let us modders use? From modding Rimworld, I've used C# and XML.
  5. Trouble with Steam key

    Hi, I had the same problem: recieved the key yesterday, tried to activate today and got the message that it was already activated. Who can I contact about this? Kind regards. Saraal
  6. Hello, first of all apologies if this is the wrong place for this, I wasn't sure where to post it. I received an email with the steam key in it, tried activating the game on steam and was told it's duplicate key and already been activated by a different steam account.
  7. Go over to the Discord location

    Just a heads up, the developers are currently using the Discord channel setup for the game and any/all discussions; not the forums here. Here's a link over to the Discord site. Easy to set up and get started. https://discordapp.com/channels/117048258773254151/345758375390216202
  8. Hey everyone, we haven't been using these forums, they were set up in preparation for the launch but nobody used them because we're super active in our discord server. Please join us there if you like: https://discord.gg/ddheRnG
  9. Settings Causing Issues

    Hi there, I realise we're already chatting to you in discord but posting here for visibility to others in case they have same issues. Point one is known and we're working on it, Point 2 should now be fixed in 6.2. thanks
  10. Screen discolouration + tearing

    Hi there, thanks for reporting this. This should have been fixed last night with our 6.2 update!
  11. Crashing

    Hey guys, thanks for reporting these, we are aware of the save crash and are working on a fix. Thank you for posting and trying our game, hope we can resolve this soon!
  12. Crashing

    I too am seeing a lot of crashes. Most of them are when saving, and there seems to be roughly a 50/50 chance of crashing when saving. I saw a suggestion that I should be on speed 1 when saving, but that doesn't seem to help. Steam Alpha 6.1 Windows 10 Pro, Core i7 930, 12GB RAM NVidia GeForce GTX 970, Driver version 388 (in the process of updating to 390 to see if that fixes my issues)
  13. I encountered an issue upon first playing the game where the screen was discoloured, with lines of tearing also moving up the screen, both lasting into the main game. Luckily, the tearing was fixed by vsync (one of the very few times I've ever seen it be useful), and the discolouration seems to be fixed by turning off fullscreen. No more information than that, but I at least hope that any guys with this issue find that turning off fullscreen works (don't worry, it seems to be borderless windowed when set at native resolution so there shouldn't be an issue).
  14. Crashing

    Every time I play the game occasionally crashes which I get for early accessed games, yet I cannot use the quick save nor can I manually save due to the game crashing and not saving at all. Been playing successfully for last 2.5 hours and then I chose not to save or attempt to save since it would crash. It crashed right after i hit F5 (quick save) and no progress was saved. Its very frustrating to play when I cannot save. So with the game crashing so often its hard to make any progress in the game at all. If there are any fixes to this problem that I may not be aware of please reply to link. Thank you
  15. Settings Causing Issues

    So I just downloaded the game. Went into Options and turned the Music, SFX and Ambiance down to minimum (I do this for recording purposes for my YT channel). When I hit Apply, the game does (correctly) revert back to the main screen. However a couple of issues: 1. The sound/music/etc is not affected at all. 2. More importantly, the game screen no longer allows the mouse to move all the way to the edges (on the right and bottom edges). See the attached picture for locations that mouse will travel too. Well, I tried to attach a photo but got a -200 error for the upload.
  16. It's under the "Upcoming" category on steam today, but I am starting to doubt it after looking at this forum and other sites.
  17. Saw this trailer on The Universim live stream - game availability

    No answer in over two months...and it's the only post here. Not a good indicator of where the game is. I saw this on Steam too and I've got it on my wishlist. I have the same question. Last FB post was Aug 31. Nothing here. Just wondering if the game is still in process or should I quit hoping..lol.
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